Makeup Bag 1


I finished my makeup bag and am SO happy with the results:

I actually feel like the finished product does justice the gorgeous fabric. I've been using it for all my toiletries (not actually my makeup, but that's details...), and love it.

I learned something interesting along the way: The bottom gusset is not so easy, and can come out looking seriously wonky if not done right. I cut and sewed and ripped and cut and sewed and ripped several times, until I found just the right technique for making them play nice.

It's all in the geometry (which was not my strong subject, so I'm extra proud of this one). I'm whipping up a post about my little method and it should be posted - ohhh, in the next decade or so.

PS: Let's pretend that there wasn't just a month gap between this post and my last one, mmkay?

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