Guest Room Quilts: Coming together


I've been lucky (OK, and persistent) in finding the time to work on these beauties the past week. I have 8 blocks of 48 completed and I'm so, so stoked with them. Aren't these yummy?

No really, all these black and white patterns are making my heart flutter. I'm seriously in love.

I have all my small pieces cut out and ready to stitch. I labeled my stacks so I know which is which and started sorting them a bit so the right pieces go with each other.

I also realized after jumping in that my original sketch had some measurements and other such issues that were wayyyyy off. I need to post a picture of my crazy marked up copy! I also realized that my sketch didn't explain very much either... like the fact that I'm doing 2 quilts and each one will have color reversed designs on each side. I built the sketch for my own process and threw it up here on a whim. When it's all done with I'll post a clean (correct) copy for you in case anyone wants to check it out.

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  1. I absolutely love the black and white. It is so me!

  1. katy says:

    Looking great! Maybe you'll have to teach us how to do this.

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